excel spreadsheet facts

  1. Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet software program
  2. Excel is part of the  Microsoft Office collection
  3. The most current version of excel is 2013
  4. An exel spreadsheet has 256 columns and 65,536 rows
  5. Numbers can be calculated in an excel spreadsheet
  6. Charts and graphs can be be created from data that you input in an excel spreadsheet
  7. An excel spreadsheet can display the results of a survey in the form of a chart or graph.
  8. Rows in an excel spreadsheet can identify by numbers
  9. columns in an excel spreadsheet are identified by letters
  10. An example of a cell address is: A2 B5
  11. Sheet tabs are located at the bottom of the spreadsheet
  12. An active cell is the cell in which you are currently typing..
  13. An active cell is the cell in which you are currently typing
  14. The white cross is used to select data in the spreadsheet.
  15. The cross with a horizontal arrow is used to drag and re position  the contents of a cell
  16. The four-way arrow cross is used to drag and widen columns
  17. The thin black cross on the right corner of of a cell is used to fill in data
  18. The autoSum symbol cam be used to add numbers in a spreadsheet
  19. Knowledge of excel spreadsheet skills will be very valuable in the workplace
  20. You can alphabetically or numerically sort information in an excel spreader

computer shortcuts

ctrl-A= select all

ctrl- B=control bald


ctrl-e= center





ctrl-p= print

ctrl-s= save

ctrl-R= Right


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